A white wine manifesto.

I just read a great story in the Washington Post about Italian whites in winter and a quote in there ENRAGED me:

“I recently told an acquaintance, a wine educator with an embossed certificate, that I was on a quest to seek out interesting, complex, crazy and possibly profound white wines. In response, he said: “What’s the point? White wine just isn’t serious. Serious wine people always prefer red wines over white. Everyone else just orders pinot grigio and calls it a day.”


Red gets all the press. Red gets all the glory. Red gets all the girls.

White gets relegated to aperitivo status. Something you drink when it’s hot. When the dish is light and the wine just isn’t THAT important.

I’m gonna end all that. I’m gonna show you the world that’s been pulled over your eyes.

White wine (including sparkling wine) is the Catherine Deneuve of the wine world… elegant, subtle, gorgeous and sophisticated.

And like Ms Deneuve, it only gains “fascino” (“charm” just isn’t right) with time.

I live and work in Italy’s greatest white wine producing area, and I drink at leat 3 times as much white wine as I do red. I’ve tasted whites made to drink young that were fascinating (“fascino”?) when they were 10 years old.

I’m going to seek out the wines, seek out the geeks, seek out the people who know white wine isn’t just watery Pinot Grigio.

Welcome to Old White Wine, where red wine tyranny comes to die.

Coming Soon: Gianni Menotti and I open ’98 Villa Russiz Graf de la Tour Sauvignon…


4 thoughts on “A white wine manifesto.

  1. This looks like an interesting blog. If you agree to give Ms Deneuve back the additional e in her name, I promise to keep visiting.

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