American Bloggers in Friuli

Just to give you a little more background about myself:

I live in Friuli Venenzia Giulia, the Northesternmost region in Italy. I’ve lived “full-time” here since 2002, and “part-time” since 1998. This is my home.

I am proud of the wines from this region. I like tasting them and I like drinking them. And since this is the premier area for the production of white wine in Italy (and I’ll back that up with wines and science), I have become what is fomally known in Italy as a “bianchista”… A white wine lover.

I started the blog at the Bastianich winery almost 3 years ago with the hope of connecting with people and telling our story. It’s a long road, on which I’ve only travelled a few miles, but I continue to believe in blogging and giving a voice to the winery.

Now I want my own voice too, and my desire to enlighten people about the beauties of white wine has led me to creat this blog… (as if I was SO prolific on the other blog, I simply HAD to find another outlet)

Looking at other blogs and trying desparately to learn from the “pros”… I started following the blogs that turned me on, and the people who I respected. One of the First blogs I subscribed to was Jeremy Parzen’s Do Bianchi.

Last year Jeremy caused a stir in Piemonte and gained attention for Barbera with the Barbera 2010 project, which in my opinion, was very interesting and therefore a great success.

In order to balance the wine world and swing some attention toward my home, the winery where I work and to GREAT WHITE WINE in general, I somehow managed to convince Jeremy and the Consorzio of Colli Orientali del Friuli to gather 5 American bloggers to visit and exerience and communicate to the world via their blogs.

They arrive in one month, and I am proud to count myself among the contingent that will take part.

I urge you to check out these blogs, and follow the official site of the COF2010 progect:

Do Bianchi

Samantha Sans Dosage

On the Wine Trial in Italy

McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail

‘na cica de vino



3 thoughts on “American Bloggers in Friuli

  1. dude, you had me at the TITLE of this blog! awesome… I am SO with you and so geeked for #cof2011. I also love your tag line: taking on the tyranny! fight the power of red wine man! I LOVE IT!

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