Great White Burgundy = Bad Old White Wine?

I just read a very interesting post at Dr Vino that made me think about one of the hallowed examples of “Old White Wine”, White Burgundy:

Assessing risk and reward in white Burgundy

The upshod? I quote the post:

From this admittedly small sample of premier and grand cru wines from good vintages, I’d say the risks outweigh the rewards.”

Looking back over other posts here at, I’d say you’re better off investing in a case of well-made Friulian whites than in one bottle of iffy Chassagne-Montrachet.

This week I hope to FINALLY open that bottle of Graf de la Tour Sauvignon 1998 with Gianni Menotti of Villa Russiz… Will it fare better than Dr Vino’s Burgs? Stay Tuned!!


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