Old White Wine IS BACK!… with Savennieres!

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…

AH, finally! Back again for some more fun and games with Old White Wine. I have to apologize to the 3 of you left out there that still know who I am and what this blog is all about. I don’t really make resolutions, and usually one makes resolutions on January 1st, not February 1st, but I really miss OWW.com and I am going to try liike hell to keep this thing going in 2012.

I wanted to talk about a wine I’ve seen in a lot of different places, and a wine that I saw mentioned in Levi Dalton’s enviable blog just the other day. An Old White Wine from the Loire…

Domaine aux Moines Savennieres Roche aux Moines.

Levi was lucky enough to taste and write about a bottle of the 1994. 


I was lucky enough to taste this EXACT same vintage of this wine at the Merano Wine Festival last November…


For me this unassuming little Chenin Blanc was a blockbuster. A blockbuster in the sence that it was big and complex and weighty with that slaty soil coming through loud and clear, but also a blockbuster in the firecracker sense… Tons of smoke and gunpowder on the nose and palate.

Then, just before the holidays, my friend in OWW, Matteo Burani (soon to be making a contribution to OWW.com) brought a bottle of the 2004 to an OWW evening we did…


AND, I believe we had the 2004 as well at my wife’s birthday dinner in June at Grani di Pepe in Flaibano here in Friuli. (Savennieres? In FRIULI??)

A quick look at the site for Domaine aux Moines shows that it is a Mother-Daughter operation and that the vineyards are the highest in the area. Also, the winery has been working toward organic certification since 2009.

There is something about this wine that is following me around. I have encountered it so often recently… Maybe the wine is trying to tell me something?

I have never been to the Loire, but I think I something is calling me.


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