Matteo Burani blogs Movia Old White Wine!


Another US expat living here in Friuli, my friend Matteo Burani entered immediately into the wine world of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Working in cellars, vineyardsand in offices alike, Matt has really made a name for himself here. We shared an interest in wine when a mutual friend introduced us, and we embarked on a short-lived project podcasting for GrapeRadio. We’ve drunk some winners and some losers together, but Matt has always shared my passion for Old White Wine.

Here is an email he sent me a few weeks ago after he drank a bottle of 2004 Movia Sauvignon that I’d like to share as this week’s OWW…

“Not a bad OWW… Surprisingly grassy, minty and fresh (with) white and rioe peach. Very clean. Hardly evolved at all. Perhaps not as rich in texture as is classic Collio Sauvignons, and I say that as a negative. (I think this means Matteo thinks Collio Sauvignon tends to be TOO rich.-WY) Balanced acidity, long, elegant, no oxidation, needed more time. For all the Movia “weirdness” this wine is very classic and not strange.”


Thanks for sharing the tasting note, Matt, but how ’bout sharin’ the bottle next time??


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